Why choose Medium Volume lashes

Updated: Feb 18

A Must-Have Guide to Medium Glam Lashes

Eyelashes are one of the most practical ways to achieve an effortless dramatic eye look without having to invest unnecessary time and effort. When it comes to false lash styles, you have plenty of options in varying lengths and curls to choose from, so you can find the best way to highlight your eyes. One of the most in-demand options when it comes to Badass Lashes is the medium lashes.

Why Choose Medium Glam Lashes

The medium Icon lashes are a popular favorite. They are ideal for everyday wear, and the effect is noticeable but not exaggerated.

Medium volume eyelashes usually have a length of 12mm to 16mm and often come in a variety of curls and materials.

Medium lashes can instantly brighten up your eyes and help you shift from an everyday casual look to a more formal and glam look.

MiShell Cosmetics Medium Lashes

If you are looking for options for medium Classic lashes, Mitchell Cosmetics is your one-stop solution.

This US-grown company has a large variety of eyelash styles, allowing you to discover which one is the best match for your eyes.

If your eyes are indeed the window to your soul, then make the opening prettier and bolder.

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