Why you need Full Glam False Lashes!

Updated: Feb 18

Guide to Full Glam Lashes

Mascara, falsies, and lash curler — that’s the trifecta for getting long, fluttery lashes that’ll turn heads!

When you want to add some length, volume, and drama to your eyes, the easiest way to make that happen is to use some Bella lashes. Depending on the look that you’re aiming for, you can either opt for a subtle, natural route with your lashes or go full glam with some thick and long lashes.

Even if you’re doing a “no-makeup” look or a nude makeup style, adding Chloe lashes is one of the easiest ways to add some oomph and elevate to your look.

Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Full glam lashes can deliver that total wow factor when you want to add significant volume and length to your lashes.

If you’re in the market for high-quality, luxuriously thick false Daisy lashes, look no further than MiShell Cosmetics! Offering stunning varieties, these lashes are perfect for density, fullness, and a true glam look.

With more than 90% lash coverage, they’re ideal for special occasions like weddings and dinner parties to give you that extra eye definition. And for those who have naturally strong lashes, these Grace lashes will get you compliments like no other!

This should be your choice of lash extension if you want to create that fierce impact.

MiShell’s Full Glam Lashes

MiShell Cosmetics has perfected the science of false lashes. The brand understands that no one lash will fit everyone, thus providing their clientele with glam lashes that will perfectly match their need and occasion.

Here are the four choices that MiShell came up with that are perfect for a number of occasions from date nights and engagements to weddings and more.

Create your own signature look with the right eyelash.

Head on to MiShell Cosmetics and start adding these full glam lashes to your cart!

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